18. June 2017

A New Update on the DAX

It’s been a while since my last view on the DAX, and we are going to examine where it is at, and where it is heading.

I’m actually in quite a spot here because I haven’t bought any DAX. I have forecasted that the DAX should increase, but I was busy buying other stocks - some long and some short. So I felt I was already “in” and I didn’t get around to buying some DAX. But at least that means I can be more objective about the forecast now - and also how the previous forecast turned out.

In the video I’ll give a short review of how my last DAX forecast turned out (hint: quite OK, but only partially right) and then I’ll move on to describe where the DAX is likely to go now. And then in a few months time we will review if today’s forecast was bad or whether it was great. That’s how it’s like when you “observe and speculate” about the future.

If you don’t have time for the video, then the short conclusion is:
1. Keep your DAX stocks for now
2. Then sell

In the video I will also show another tool: Deviation from trend. See you in the video!

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