20. December 2015

Can I have a word with you? Or two?

I have developed two make-believe words that describe my approach to analysis: Perspecsis and Combitelling. I'm having fun playing with words.

You are quite likely familiar with how companies describe their "Core Values" on their website. It's fine, but I often find the descriptions somewhat tedious and perhaps a bit pompous. I don't know. It's not good manners to mock others attempt to describe their values. It's really good if it is sincere, and especially if you live by it. Not lip service on an internet site (that no employee ever read), but really live by it. So I decided that I would try to define some values or qualities that I really live by, day to day. But I wanted to do it in a manner that was as little boring as possible, and preferably with a bit of twist. I wasn't smart enough to invent a good method myself, but I have to give credit to Morten Gantzhorn. He made me realize that qualities can actually be communicated in a more playful manner. It's different and playful, and yet it is still a sincere and direct way. It all came out as: 


A fusion of Perspective and analySis. I often find that analysis is a bit too "dissecting". Like dissecting a frog in a laboratory (which we fortunately didn't have to do in school). Dissecting is cold hearted. There's a cold, probability calculating feeling behind the word "analysis" that I don't really care for. But "perspective", on the other hand, is like standing in the mountains, having a really good vantage point where you can see the big picture below you. You have to physically climb the mountain, but you are rewarded with a spectacular view. So I combine the two: Having a good vantage point and perspective, and then incorporate analysis into this. It's a blend of eyes and mind, vision and thinking.


A fusion of Combination (of analytical methods) and StoryTelling. Many of my blog posts tell about the unique strength in combining different analytical methods. Especially when one model cancel the weak spots of the other model, and thereby enhances it. But when we combine different models, the word "combination" sounds so...like banging two materials together in a random fashion and seeing if they fit or not. "Ah, ice cream and vanilla, what a nice combination". A good combination becomes more magic when it is channeled through Storytelling. We tell a story of how we ended up right here, and where this is leading us. I am indebted to Edward E. Leamer that said "Human beings are pattern-seeking, story telling animals". Given our analytical models and perspective, we tell a story of where we came from, and where we are heading to. The combined analytical models in the hands of a storyteller.


I had fun gluing words together. Thanks for the inspiration, Morten! At least I'm now a few steps closer than ever before in describing what it is that I do. Thanks for listening. All there is left now is saying "FareBye".

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