2. July 2017

Feynman and the eternal energy
Time for a cup of coffe and a philosophical thought

When I’m doing a price analysis, I’m sort of playing with different types of models, making lego blocks fit together, fusing atoms, building domino sequences and all along trying to get a feel for how the price is behaving to stimuli. I’m both a scientist, a historian, an experimenter, a wild eyed wonderer and a thinker. And sometimes, just sometimes, that is what we need in this world. Someone, perhaps, like the physicist Feynman.

Allow me a very small detour: If you heat up a cup of coffee then the molecules bounce and wriggle very fast. Fast motion creates heat. And the coffee molecules bounce around and also hit the coffee cup. And this repeated bouncing against the walls agitates the cup, and makes its own molecules bounce as well. And that way the coffee cup slowly gets more and more hot. So now both the coffee and the cup is hot. And the bouncing molecules in the cup hits the table, and slowly the tables own molecules gets hot. Remove the cup and feel the table, and you'll find it hotter than the area beside it.

All of this interaction spreads, and the coffee loses some of its warmth into the cup, and the cup loses some of its warmth into the table. So gradually things cools down. That is the law of thermodynamics. That is an inescapable law of physics. No energy is ever lost, but it's being transferred and it loses its heat. It's inescapable. Except for special people like Feynman that beat the system. You see, special teachers don't spread physical molecules only, but they spread imagination, enthusiasm and curiosity. And whenever you get in contact with them, that spark your own imagination, enthusiasm and curiosity into action. Your own molecules start moving faster as a result. And now we have created warmth without the loss of any energy. In fact, one mans enthusiasm viewed in a video clip is 'stored energy' that affects people, whenever they view it. It's like eternal energy. That is the energy of the future. So Feynman has beat the thermodynamics.

Do have a look at 2 short minutes here with Feynman. What he is saying doesn’t apply to physics only, but equally to technical and fundamental analysis and price action. And then start to look at more youtube clips of him. Now here’s a guy I would really want to have a talk with over a cup of coffee! I think we need more guys like him.

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