02. March 2016

New logo for the website

The design gene in me is pleased to present a new logo for the blog!

Just a few weeks ago I celebrated the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong (which is, as I'm sure you know, in February and not at the end of December). We visited our Hong Kong family and it was really great seeing them all again. There is a tradition there that you need to buy new clothes for the Chinese New Year. Sort of like entering a new year with new clothes. So I got myself a pair of new shoes (and was helped by my Hong Kong brother, Perry), so that I could enter the New Year in a proper fashion. But then I thought about this blog. It also needed some new clothes for the New Year. And with the help of a computer savvy in UK (idesign) we managed to fashion some new clothes for this blog. Hope you like it. Welcome to a new year - which is the year of the Fire Monkey.

Hjemmeside fra e-hjemmeside.dk